News from the President

Mrs. Sue Zulandt

After five years of service in the positions of Academic Dean and Principal, Mrs. Sue Zulandt will retire from Benedictine at the end of this school year. During her tenure, Benedictine began its Engineering curriculum that has expanded into its College Ready – Career Bound program to also include concentrated studies in Medicine, Entrepreneurship and Media. Benedictine also has made important advancements in its academic offerings of college credit courses.

As Benedictine approaches its centennial, a search has been initiated to identify the leader that will continue to grow the school and to deliver our mission of developing young men in mind, body and spirit to become the future leader of their family, businesses and communities.

Mrs. Zulandt and the school’s leadership team will ensure a smooth transition to support students during the remainder of the 2018-19 school year and to complete the preparations for the 2019-20 school year.

We thank Mrs. Zulandt for her contributions to the growth of Benedictine. Please give Mrs. Zulandt your best wishes.

Dr. Frank Bossu ’67
President, Benedictine High School


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