Our House System

Benedictine High School ~ Our House System

  • Boasts a 13:1 student to mentor ratio
  • Benedictine’s House System is broken into four Priories: Florian, Bossu, Cyril and Rufus
    • The four names were chosen from prominent figures in Benedictine’s 90 year history
    • Each priory is broken down into seven deaneries (families).
    • Each deanery is led by a mentor teacher and student dean.  In total there are 82 student-leadership positions in our Priory System.
  • At Benedictine, we are proud of the fact that we draw students from five different counties.  We see the House System as an opportunity to form our own community for our young men.  In building our community, our goals are:
    • To provide more opportunities for our faculty and staff to serve as stewards to our young men
    • To create more leadership opportunities and positions for our students; there are 54 leadership positions in total
    • To build a greater sense of school spirit through our quarterly Priory Cup Competitions
  • Students meet daily in their deanery to discuss anything from current affairs to geometry class.
  • Students will set personal goals with their mentor teacher and re-evaluate those goals at the end of the year.
  • Students’ academic, behavioral and social endeavors are evaluated daily.
  • Students also have fun being a part of Benedictine’s House System!

Breakfast with the Abbot



Abbot Gary & the students getting breakfast

In October, Abbot Gary ‘74 decided he wanted to get back to his roots as a mentor to the students of Benedictine High School.  He approached Mr. Schaefer ‘04 and the House System to discuss how they could work together to make this happen. . . Abbot Gary now hosts one deanery (15 students & their mentor teacher) on Thursday mornings for breakfast with him in the monastery.  It is a great opportunity for the students to spend time with Abbot Gary, as well as ask him questions regarding the monastic life.  Abbot Gary is committed to influencing our young men and continuing to incorporate Benedictine values into our school community.  These weekly breakfasts are a great addition to the overall student experience at Benedictine.


Breakfast with Abbot Gary at St. Andrew Abbey

Leadership Breakfasts


Meeting with Principal, Fr. Michael in our conference room

The House System hosts a speaker once per month to meet with our student leadership team.  Each speaker gives a different set of questions / topics that all pertain to their leadership style, values, and philosophy.  This idea was put into action in an effort to train our student leaders, as well as build relationships with the many successful leaders Benedictine has access to inside and outside of our building.  Our students will receive insight that will take them far beyond the classrooms and halls of Benedictine.

Our first speaker was none other than our very own principal, Fr. Michael Brunovsky.  Who better to have our students meet with than the man who is currently heading the Home of Champions! Fr. Michael was ordained as a priest for the Benedictine Order of Cleveland in 1993.  He has been a member of the Benedictine faculty for 23 years.

Fr. Michael defined leadership as, “What I can give because of my position, as opposed to what I can receive because of my position.”  In speaking to our students, he also identified the following characteristics as critical to a career in educational administration and leadership:

  • Must possess the ability to create buy-in from multiple constituents
  • Must have respect for others and what they do
  • Must engage in self-reflection
  • Must be honest with yourself
  • Must be committed to the growth and development of others
  • Must have the ability to communicate the vision