Financial Aid

  • FACTS financial aid application
    • 1st round deadline—November 6, 2020: In order to maximize your student aid award, application needs to be submitted by this date.
    • 2nd round deadline—May 1, 2021: In order to maximize your student aid award, application should be submitted by this date.
    • You can add Benedictine High School using school code: 16259 or searching for Benedictine High School.

Payment Options

Cash/Check, MasterCard, Visa and Discover

  • Each payment received via credit card will be assessed a convenience fee equal to 3.0%.
  • Please call the Business Office at 216.421.2080 ext. 326, 328 or 339 to make credit card payments by phone.


  • To apply for a Benedictine tuition payment plan, please create your FACTS application. Questions? Please call 216.421.2080 ext. 326, 328, or 339.

Background and Policy

Paying tuition with credit cards has been an option requested by parents for some time. Parents have cited the desire to take advantage of rewards, cash back, and low interest rate programs, as well as the flexible monthly repayment option credit cards offer. We recognize that wisely used, payment by credit cards can be a convenient and prudent financial vehicle for parents.

Benedictine High School is committed to providing a range of payment options to accommodate the preferences and financial circumstance of different families. The credit card payment policy encourages all families to carefully weigh the myriad of payment options on the market, and make a financial sound choice that fits their present and anticipated financial status. Used without care, credit cards can burden families with debt. Benedictine High School recognizes that this risk is not unique to credit cards. A similar and equal risk exists from tuition loans and cash payments that result in the family placing other expenses on credit card to compensate. Thus, we have determined that by offering an additional payment option, and by encouraging families to investigate, research, and choose the best option for their family, we are empowering families to do what is best for them. This option to pay tuition by credit card does not replace any agreement you might have with FACTS to pay tuition on an installment plan but is an additional option.

If you have any questions about this new policy, we request that you send them to us via email to: