Spotlight ~ BenMed Program

Being a champion involves developing young men in mind, body and spirit to become the future leader of their family, businesses and communities ~ from students, teachers and alumni, we all make this world better!


Fr. Jonathan Zingales, Fr. Bede and BenMed students at Mass

Jacob, Fr. Michael, Patrick, Nick, Michael and Liam at ceremony









On Wednesday, December 12th, at the all school Mass, our BenMed students were given a lab coat which has been designed with the BenMed logo and their name. They were missioned to St. Vincent Charity Medical Center to begin their rotations through various parts of the hospital.

Member of the BenMed Advisory Board, Jacob Martin ‘10 and on-site coordinator Fr. Michael, led seniors Nicholas Demchuk and Liam Haney and sophomores Michael Kenny and Patrick Hurst.


NASA Manufacturing Day 2018

NASA Glenn hosted Manufacturing Day 2018 with fifteen students in the Benedictine High School Engineering program attending, along with Mr. Rob Ryan and Mrs. Yvonne Schiffer.  NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland opened their doors to students to raise awareness of manufacturing careers and to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.  Click here to view the press release.





Welcome to our BenMed Program at Benedictine High School which seeks to prepare young men who desire to explore the Medical Professions before undergraduate college studies.

Liam Haney ’19, Patrick Hurst ’21 and Michael Kenny ’21 observed podiatric surgeries this month at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, with program director, Fr. Jonathan Zingales.  St. Vincent Charity Hospital Medical Center has partnered with Benedictine High School to provide medical experiences to students enrolled in our BenMed program.

Michael, Liam, and Patrick

Liam, Patrick, Fr. Jonathan, and Michael