Be a Champion!

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”  Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Being a champion involves developing young men in mind, body and spirit to become the future leader of their family, businesses and communities ~ from alumni to current students, we all make this world better!

During Wednesday’s meeting period, the club took photos of our school grounds. Photo by Justin Mitchell ’19.

We have a new Photography Club, under the guidance of Jimmy Lucsik ’67!  The objective of this club is to take the DSL camera off point and shoot. We will put the camera in manual mode and explain f-stop, shutter speed and iso settings.  By changing any one of these settings, it renders a different picture of the same subject. We stress how to experiment, with the idea to, not so much teach, but to have fun and be creative!




Matthew Stauffer '20

Matthew Stauffer ’20

Twice a month Ideastream features local teen entrepreneurs in their radio segment on 90.3 WCPN “Sound of Ideas” hosted by Mike McIntyre.  Sophomore Matthew Stauffer was this week’s guest!

Matthew makes custom designed socks ~ He finished 3rd in the Regional Veale Venture Challenge and will be the keynote speaker at the Veale Innovation Challenge and Summit in February 2018.  Matt has sold over 2500 pairs of socks and has generated over $2700 in revenue in his first year.  Click here to listen to his interview and then order your socks from 21SOX website

Congratulations Matt on being a Champion in Business!




Look Up Cleveland Kids

Krisjon Spring ’19 and Kevin Hurst ’19

Congratulations to juniors Krisjon Spring and Kevin Hurst, who will represent Benedictine as Look Up to Cleveland representatives for this school year.  These young men are Champions of Service to our community!

Since 1986, Look Up to Cleveland has been a one-of-a-kind experience that connects high school students to Cleveland and the people, places and projects moving it forward. They develop leadership skills and see first-hand how they can contribute to their community.  This program:

  • Introduces students to community leaders they otherwise would not meet – including the Mayor of Cleveland.
  • Cultivates an appreciation of Cleveland and its opportunities.
  • Breaks down stereotypes, promotes diversity awareness and fosters inclusive thinking and action by bringing together students from a variety of ethnic, economic and social backgrounds.
  • Develops leadership skills and encourages team building.
  • Challenges students to develop networking skills and envision how they can make a difference in the community now and in the future.
  • Additionally, in post-program evaluations, students indicated nearly 100% improvement from the beginning of the program to the end for the following statements:
  • Knowledge of Cleveland’s civic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ability to use information about the community to envision Cleveland’s future.
  • Ability to think critically about how relationships between civic assets, issues and stakeholders impact the community.


Cameron Allen ’18 and Curtis Kirk ’18

Seniors Cameron Allen and Curtis Kirk taking advantage of the beautiful grounds at Benedictine High School to try their hand plein air painting in Ms. Shannon’s Art class.  What a great way to relax and focus before a big game!