College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus (CCP) is Ohio’s new form of the Post-Secondary Educational Opportunity Program (PSEOP).

Every year before March 1st we hold our annual parent meeting about the opportunities that our students have to earn college credit.  The below information is a summation of this meeting.  If you have questions or concerns, please talk with the Academic Dean or your School Counselor. Here is one pathway to receive 30 credit hours of college classes before graduating.

At Benedictine there are three ways to earn college credit:
1)  Take an AP class and test and get a score of 3 or higher
2) Take Honors Microeconomics with Mr. Stircula through University of Iowa BizInnovator Program (Click Here For Details).
3)  Take a college level course either at Benedictine or on a college campus

Information for courses at Benedictine
We have several courses at Benedictine that students can take as CCP through 3 different colleges.

Notre Dame College: English (Composition 1 & 2), US History, European History,Chemistry and Biology
Tri-C: Single Board Processing (Raspberry Pi/Drone),Introduction to Robotics, Computer Aided Design/Auto-CAD.
Cleveland State: Principles of Computer Science

Required application process for Tri-C, Notre Dame and Cleveland State courses taken at Benedictine
Notre Dame Application Checklist – AP English, European History, AP US History, AP Chemistry
Tri-C Application Checklist
-AutoCAD, Robotics, Raspberry Pi/Drone
Cleveland State Application Checklist – Principals of Computer Science.

State funding is not guaranteed, but if the state does not cover a student’s full cost, each college will allow parents to pay a reduced price for the additional credits.  A student is not required to pay for the course if he is not funded by the state, and he will know his funding status before the course begins.  A student may still take this course if parents choose not to pay for any unfunded credit hours, but will not receive college credit for this portion of the course. Example of funding:

Information for courses on a college campus
Students may take classes that are not offered at Benedictine on a college campus or online with proper approval. Typically our students who complete AP Calculus before senior year will take college level math.  Students are responsible for choosing which college and what course he would like to take and applying for the program.  The student must follow the same steps as the courses at Benedictine.  Benedictine cannot guarantee a students schedule will work with a CCP course. Students will be required to have either an ACT or a placement test with the college in order to show they are college ready.

How to apply for CCP Course **Updated information on this application process is online found here

  1. Apply to the college CCP program, see websites below (What out for the deadlines on the college website) Most Before March
  2. Submit a letter of intent to the STATE before the deadline (Currently April 1) (See Step 2 on ODE website)
  3. Create a SAFE Account (Needs to be made in Parent Name)  (See Step 3 on ODE website)
  4. Apply for funding through the state of Ohio (Due April 15th) (Needs Letter of Acceptance from College which Gets uploaded to SAFE account)
  5. Keep everything you get from the state.

Where do I get more information and apply?

Ohio Department of Education CCP Website for parents

Notre Dame College CCP Website
Cleveland State University CCP Website
Hiram College CCP Website
Case Western University CCP Website
John Carroll University CCP Website
Ursuline College CCP Website
Tri-C CCP Website
Lakeland Community College CCP Website
Sinclair Community College CCP Website (Online Courses Available)
University of Toledo CCP Website (Online Courses Available)Youngstown State University CCP Website (Online Courses Available)