Counseling Department

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” Gail Devers, two-time Olympic champion in track and field


Philip Bokovitz

School Counselor
Grades 9-11 with last names A-L
B.A. John Carroll University
M.A. St. Vincent College ext. 421





Melissa Cozzens-Hopkins

School Counselor
Grades 9-11 with last names M-Z
B.A. Catholic University of America
M.A. John Carroll University ext. 333




Dale Jakab ’68

School Counselor
Grade 12
B.A. University of Dayton
M.A. The Ohio State University ext. 337




Dr. Ronald Polderman

Dr. Ronald Polderman

B.A.    College of Wooster
M.Div., Duke University
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill   ext. 301




Fran Alflen

Fran Alflen

Counseling Administrator ext. 334





Our Counseling Department seeks to prepare young men from diverse cultural and religious experiences for college and life and is done in a variety of ways:

  • We furnish information on careers, colleges and entrance requirements.
  • We administer a testing program to help the student realistically assess his abilities and interests.
  • We help students make the most effective adjustment to school.
  • We make sure the students plan their courses so that they graduate in a timely fashion.
  • We see each student at least once each year on an individual basis and encourage them to make an appointment to see a counselor whenever they feel the need.
  • We highly encourage parents to make an appointment with us.
  • We offer information nights on financial aid planning, and other pertinent issues.
  • We provide information on summer school, make-up work, and tutoring.
  • We administer the State Assessments.
  • We are a testing site for the ACT.
  • We provide students the opportunity to confidentially discuss personal questions with a counselor or psychologist.
  • We provide information about NCAA Participation for Student-Athletes.


  • October 10 ~ PSAT grades 10, 11
  • October 22 ~ College Financial Aid Night (seniors and parents)
  • Dec 3-Jan. 11 ~ Make-Up OSTs
  • Feb 14 ~ College Credit Plus Parent Meeting
  • March 12 ~ Juniors – Ohio State in school ACT
  • March 26 ~ Ohio State Tests – English 1, English 2
  • April 3 ~ Ohio State Tests – Biology, US History
  • April 11 ~ Ohio State Tests – Algebra 1, Geometry, US Government
  • May 6- May 17 ~ AP Testing

Resource websites ~ End of Year Assessments:

Some additional information:

  • Scholarships are available for every student through outside sources and through the Naviance website, where we continually update scholarships.
  • NCAA Eligibility ~ all students and parents of athletes should view this video!