Old Counseling Department

Hi Parents and Students!

Welcome back to all students.  We are excited for the beginning of the year and it seems to be off to a good start.  In the counseling department we started the year off talking with all the freshmen about Benedictine’s harassment policy.  If you are not familiar with it, then please check out the student/parent handbook.  As we have told the students this is less because we have a problem and more because we don’t want to have a problem.

Over the next couple of weeks Mrs. Hopkins and Mr. McMillin will be in the theology class rooms to kick the counseling year off.  Both of them will be giving the beginning of the year survey.  Mrs. Hopkins will introduce freshman to Naviance and talk to sophomores about careers.  Mr. McMillin will be talking to Juniors and Seniors about careers and colleges.

We are excited to have all of the transcript requests online this year, but we will still need paper copies of transcript release forms on file before we can release any information to colleges.

As a reminder, there are scholarships available for every student, you just need to find them and apply for them.  Please check the Naviance website for scholarship opportunity.  We continually update them.

We hope the start to your academic year is bright and filled with happiness.  And as always if you have questions or concerns, please contact your school counselor.

Melissa Cozzens-Hopkins
Director of School Counseling
216-421-2080 ext 333

Keith McMillin M.Ed
School Counselor
216-421-2080 ext 337

Dr. Ron Polderman
216-421-2080 ext 301

Mrs. Fran Alflen
Counseling Admininstrator
216-421-2080 ext 334

The School Counseling staff is comprised of two licensed school counselors and a professional psychologist.  Mrs. Hopkins works with 9th and 10th graders and Mr. McMillin works with 11th and 12th graders while Dr. Polderman concentrates on students who have special needs.

In line with the mission statement of the school, the Counseling Department seeks to prepare young men from diverse cultural and religious experiences for college and life. This is done in a variety of ways:

  • We furnish information on careers, colleges and entrance requirements
  • We administer a testing program to help the student realistically assess his abilities and interests.
  • We help students make the most effective adjustment to school.
  • We make sure the students plan their courses so that they graduate in a timely fashion.
  • We see each student at least once each year on an individual basis and encourage them to make an appointment to see a counselor whenever they feel the need
  • We offer information nights on college,  financial aid planning, and other pertinent issues.
  • We disseminate a monthly “Counselors Corner” newsletter to update parents and students on important information.
  • We provide information on summer school,  make-up work, and tutoring.
  • We administer the Ohio Graduation Test and the Explore PLAN, PSAT and ACT tests
  • We provide students the opportunity to confidentially discuss personal questions with a counselor or psychologist.
  • We participate in College Now Greater Cleveland which brings in a representative to assist seniors and their parents with searching for scholarships and filling out the FAFSA form for college financial aid.
  • We arrange for speakers to address current issues related to Guidance.
  • We provide information about NCAA Participation for Student/Athletes.