E Prep Outreach Class

Ten students from EPrep spend every Thursday taking an Engineering class in Benedictine High School’s Engineering Makerspace. The students are given an overview of the engineering classes and participate in interactive challenges, under the direction of Mrs. Yvonne Schiffer.
Benedictine High School offers the laser engraver, 3D printers, robots, and drones in the space, as well as computer modeling capabilities.
Any school interested in exploring the possibility of Engineering at Benedictine High School, please call our principal, Mrs. Sue Zulandt at 216-421-2080 ext. 324, or email zulandt@cbhs.edu.

Week 1 ~ Lesson on Structural Engineering

Week 2 ~ Lesson on Rover Landing Design

Week 3 ~ Balloon Astronaut Design Challenge

Week 4 ~ Paper Bridge Challenge

Week 5 ~ Fling Machine

Week 6 ~ Circle of Pong

Week 7 ~ Cable Car Design