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9th Grade

013 Honors English I
Credit: 1 (weighted)
This course will introduce the student to the structure and impact of the written word.
Through immersion in a wide variety of literature, the student will gain an appreciation
of the choices an author makes. In addition, by learning the fundamentals of English
grammar, the student will understand how the language works, which will help him to produce
frequent written responses to the course material. Finally, this course will prepare the
student to master the basic procedures and formatting for research papers.

015 English I
Credit: 1
Establishing a foundation for future English studies, this course provides the student with
comprehensive background in the theory and application of standard English grammar. Students
begin the writing program also, utilizing their knowledge of grammar to aid in producing a
variety of compositions in length and purpose. Such composition skills as organization,
paragraph structure and development form the basis of the composition section. Finally,
students will begin their study of literature with exposure to a variety of myths, short fiction and poetry.

005 Reading Development
Credit: 1
This course provides students with sequential language instruction and extensive
drill and practice in grammar, usage, and mechanics.  Students will use a writing
program and their knowledge of grammar to produce a set of compositions that
vary in length and purpose. Composition skills, such as organization, paragraph
structure and development, form the basis of the composition section of this


10th Grade

023 Honors English II
Credit: 1 (weighted)
The focus of this course is on critical analysis of literature, with frequent and intensive
writing assignments complementing regular reading in all the major genres, especially
fiction, drama, poetry and the essay. In addition, the student is introduced to Shakespearean drama and classical literature. Response and review are emphasized in
the composition process.

025 English II
Credit: 1
The student continues his study of literature and composition in this course, building
closely on the freshman year. The student will examine all major genres, with an
emphasis on long fiction, poetry, the essay and classical literature. In addition,
Shakespearean drama is introduced. The writing process makes up a significant part of
this course as well, with frequent essay assignments providing opportunities to improve
mechanics and structure.


11th Grade

033 Honors English III
Credit: 1 (weighted)
This honors treatment of American Literature covers the major authors, works,
movements and philosophies of America from the Puritans through the 20th century.
Cross currents in the arts, film, music and pop culture present a context for study. Two
term papers and regular argumentative essays reinforce the student’s critical skills.

035 English III
Credit: 1
This course surveys American writings from the 17th century to today. Selections
illustrate the variety of genres and temperaments which engaged American authors at
various times. The student will also continue his study of composition by writing essays
in several expository modes and revise them as needed.


12th Grade

041 AP English
Credit: 1 (weighted)
In preparing the student to take the AP exam in Literature and Composition, this course
presents fiction, verse and exposition from the classical era through the 20th century.
As the student studies literature from rhetorical and critical perspectives, he will also
sample the kind of issues and responses on the exam. Theoretical concern in literary
interpretation and its adjunct philosophical milieu form the framework for in-depth
essays and discussion.

045 British Literature
Credit: 1
The concentration of this course is on the major works of the British Isles from the
Middle Ages to the middle of the 18th century. Students will be exposed to historical
changes in the English language and the evolution of British Literature. Composing
formal and informal essays for a variety of purposes also is a subject of study.
May by taken in a half year format with with World Literature Survey.

047 World Literature
Credit: 0.5
Writers, their works and cultural backgrounds from Asia, Africa, Europe and South
America form the content of this course. A variety of genres and time periods and a look
at political contexts complement the diverse literary texts. Frequent essay assignments
afford students opportunities to write in different styles and for a variety of audiences.
May be taken with British Literature Survey for required English credit.



061 Journalism
Credit: 0.5
This course has two goals: 1) to help the student analyze and critique mass media,
including television, film, radio print and electronic communications, and 2) to offer the
student opportunity to learn the particular methods of writing for the media, especially
newspapers. In addition, the ethics, design, history and economics of publications will
be presented. Students are encouraged to apply their skills to the school newspaper,
and may receive additional credit for any work done on it.

063 Creative Writing
Credit: 0.5
The student will distinguish methods of writing various genres of literature, such as
fiction, drama/film, poetry, journalism, and other forms. Each student will be required to
maintain and turn in a portfolio demonstrating familiarity with each genre.

065 Film
Credit: 0.5
In this course, students will learn about the history and art of film. Technological
innovations as well as the business dimensions of the film will be explored as part of its
cultural role in the world. Students will view classic and contemporary films from a wide
range of eras and cultures with a view towards criticism and theory of cinema.

067 Sports Literature
Credit: 0.5
This course is a survey of literature and composition based on the common theme of sport. In it, students will explore the mechanisms and impact of sport though the written word embodied in long and short fiction, the essay, poetry and drama. In addition, he will refine his composition skills and regularly write in the expository and creative modes. The student will also participate in daily discussion, group projects, and an individual research paper.

069 African American Literature
Credit: 0.5
This course will survey the notable works of African Americans in a variety of genres from early 19th century slave narratives to current writers such as Toni Morrison. Works of prose, poetry, drama and non-fiction will be studied to offer the student a view of the struggles, cultural aspirations and idioms of African American society in the United States for the past three centuries. Connections to other art forms, such as Jazz and painting, will be incorporated.

071 ACT/SAT Prep
Credit: 0.5
This course will introduce students to these important college entrance examinations and make them familiar with the types of questions used in both the math and verbal sections. Sample tests will be used as well as several computer practice programs and reading books to improve vocabulary.

073 Speech and Debate
Credit: 1.0
Speech and Debate aims to develop students’ skills and confidence in the areas of public speaking, research, debate, and creative performance through exposure to the competitive events of California Speech and Debate. The course will cover both logic and argumentation as well as the fundamentals of effective public speaking: preparation, pace, tone, facial and vocal expressiveness, and anxiety management.  Students will participate in in-class debates, performances, and all other activities required of students preparing for competition.