Faculty and Staff


Rt. Rev. Gary Hoover, OSB ’74

Abbot & Chancellor
B.A. John Carroll University
M.S.A. University of Notre Dame
gary@standrewabbey.org  ext. 207





Dr. Frank Bossu ’67

B.A. University of Notre Dame
Ph.D., Purdue University
bossu@cbhs.edu   ext. 533





Mrs. Sue Zulandt

B.A. Westminster College
M.A. John Carroll University
M.A. Grand Canyon University
zulandt@cbhs.edu  ext. 324





Terri Wysocki

Director of Business Operations | Controller
B.S.B.A. University of Dayton
M.B.A. University of Phoenix
wysocki@cbhs.edu   ext. 339




Chris Lorber ’04

Vice President of Advancement
B.A., Thiel College
M.A.A., Ohio University
lorber@cbhs.edu ext. 246





Melissa Cozzens-Hopkins

Director of Counseling
B.A. Catholic University of America
M.A. John Carroll University
hopkins@cbhs.edu ext. 333





Marty Hyland ’84

Athletic Director
B.A. University of Dayton
M.Ed., John Carroll University
hyland@cbhs.edu  ext. 343




John Ellis

Director of Admissions
B.A. Walsh University
M.A. John Carroll University
ellis@cbhs.edu  ext. 356





Faculty & Staff


Ashley Arko

Advancement Coordinator
B.A. Youngstown State University
Aarko@clevelandbenedictines.org  ext. 262





Fran Alflen

Administrative Assistant
alflen@cbhs.edu  ext. 334





Joe Alflen

Maintenance Staff






Anthony Backowski

World Languages
B.A. Kent State University
M.Ed., Kent State University
backowski@cbhs.edu  ext. 539





Tom Blankenship

Chemistry, Biology
B.S. Cleveland State University






Philip Bokovitz

School Counselor
B.A. John Carroll University
M.A. St. Vincent College
bokovitz@cbhs.edu  ext. 325






Fr. Michael Brunovsky, OSB

AP Euro & AP US History
B.A. John Carroll University
M.A. St. John’s University
M.Ed., John Carroll University
michael@cbhs.edu  ext. 323





Joshua Chenoweth

Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair
B.A. MuEd. Kent State University
M.S. Concordia University
chenoweth@cbhs.edu   ext. 509






Kevin Csubak

English, Reading Development
B.A. The Ohio State University
csubak@cbhs.edu  ext. 511





Dave DiGeronimo ’80

Bus Garage/Mechanic
216.421.2080 ext. 377







Richard DiGeronimo ’73

B.A. John Carroll University
M.Ed., John Carroll University
digeronimo@cbhs.edu ext. 503





Joseph Dowling ’04

B.A. The Ohio State University
dowling@cbhs.edu ext. 502






Michael Fink

Social Sciences Department Chair
B.S. Wheeling Jesuit University
fink@cbhs.edu  ext. 538





Debra  First

Director of Special Events, Donor Relations and Volunteers
B.F.A. Cleveland Institute of Art
dfirst@clevelandbenedictines.org  ext. 156




Mark Francioli ‘71

English Department Chair
B.A. Case Western Reserve University
M.A. John Carroll University
M.A. Case Western Reserve University
francioli@cbhs.edu   ext. 505




Thomas Gallagher

Theology Department Chair
B.A. College of Mount St. Joseph
M.A. Ursuline College
gallagher@cbhs.edu   ext.  522




Fr. Gerard Gonda ’71

Special Projects
B.A. English John Carroll University
M.A. Liturgical Studies/University of Notre Dame
M.Ed. Bowling Green State University
gerard@cbhs.edu   ext. 308



Kostantinos Hatzigeorgiou

Government, Sociology, Psychology
B.A. Bowling Green State University
hatzigeorgiou@cbhs.edu ext. 528







Dale Jakab ’68

B.A. University of Dayton
M.A. The Ohio State University
jakab@cbhs.edu  ext. 337





Mark Kobylinski ’93

B.A. University of Mount Union
kobylinski@cbhs.edu   ext. 508





Fr. Bede Kotlinski, OSB

Classical Languages
B.A. Athenaeum of Ohio
M.A. John Carroll University
M.Div. St. Mary Seminary
bede@cbhs.edu   ext.276




Bryan Lacey ’12

Alumni Director
B.A. Heidelberg University
M.B.A. Heidelberg University
lacey@cbhs.edu   ext. 342





Whitney Mihalik

Social Sciences
B.A. Wittenberg University, M.A. University of Akron
mihalik@cbhs.edu  ext. 544





Andrew Parker

Campus Minister
B.A. Franciscan University of Steubenville
parker@cbhs.edu  ext. 545





Patricia Patrick

Nurse Aide
patrick@cbhs.edu  ext. 155






Dawn Perrotti

Main Office
Administrative Assistant
perrotti@cbhs.edu   ext. 322





Fr. Paschal Petcavage, OSB

World Languages
B.A. Marian University
M.Div., St. Mary Seminary
paschal@cbhs.edu   ext. 250





Dr. Ronald Polderman

B.A.    College of Wooster
M.Div., Duke University
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
polderman@cbhs.edu   ext. 301





Fr. Finbar Ramsak, OSB

M.A., S.T.B. St. Vincent Seminary
finbar@cbhs.edu ext. 273






Roy Reeves

Mathematics Department Chair
B.A. Mercyhurst University
B.A. Cleveland State University
reeves@cbhs.edu   ext. 515





Kristen Rozman

English | Student Activities Director
B.A. Case Western Reserve University
thomas@cbhs.edu ext. 504





Robert Ryan, III

B.A. Case Western Reserve University
M.Ed., John Carrol University
ryan@cbhs.edu  ext. 512





Richard Salem ’90

Network Administrator
B.S. University of Dayton
salem@cbhs.edu ext. 517





Cherrie Seslow

Business Office
Accounts Payable
seslow@cbhs.edu   ext. 328






Barbara Shannon

Fine Arts
B.A. Cleveland State University
Cooper School of Art
shannon@cbhs.edu  ext. 532





Mike Stircula ’05

Assistant Director of Admissions
B.A. University of Akron
mstircula@cbhs.edu  ext. 235





Rob Stircula ‘97

Social Sciences
B.S.B.A. John Carroll University
M.B.A. Northcentral University
stircula@cbhs.edu  ext.  507





Ursula Szabados

Admissions Administrator
Lorain County Community College
szabados@cbhs.edu   ext. 358






Carter Welo

Carter Welo

Priory Director | Physical Education
B.A. John Carroll University
welo@cbhs.edu Ext. 385






Joy Whitbred

Joy Whitbred

B.S. University of Buffalo
M.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
whitbred@cbhs.edu ext. 523





Angela Whitfield

Business Office
Accounts Receivable
B.A. Cleveland State University
whitfield@cbhs.edu ext. 326





Amanda Zima

Director of Advancement Operations
B.A. Cleveland State University
M.A. Cleveland State University
azima@clevelandbenedictines.org ext. 258





Beverly Zima

Auxiliary Clerk
zima@cbhs.edu ext. 380






Fr. Anselm Zupka, OSB ’58

World Lanaguages
Campus Ministry
B.A. Borromeo College of Ohio
M.A. John Carroll University
anselm@cbhs.edu ext. 202




Algis Zyle

Assistant Network Administrator
B.S. Cleveland State University
zyle@cbhs.edu ext. 345