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613 Drawing I
Credit: 0.5
This half credit, studio elective focuses on the fundamentals of drawing for realism. The
student will learn sighting skills, rendering to create the illusion of depth, and the
components of good composition. Various techniques, such as pencil, charcoal, and
pen and ink add variety to the course and enable each student to find his niche. All will
learn to draw…No experience necessary!

623 Drawing II
Credit: 0.5
Prerequisite: Drawing I
This half credit, elective studio course builds on the skills learned in the Drawing I
course. The student will delve into the creative process in a meaningful way. He will
also have the opportunity to choose techniques that excite his creative spirit. Projects
will be on a larger scale and will provide opportunities for the student to create portfolio
pieces. New techniques, such as colored pencil and scratchboard, will be introduced.

615 Painting I
Credit: 0.5
In this elective studio course, the student will learn about the exciting and beautiful
world of color. He will create works of art using various techniques such as watercolor,
acrylics, oil pastel, chalk and colored pencil. Works of great artists throughout history
will be used to experience and understand the elements and principles of design and
the art of creating good composition.

625 Painting II
Credit: 0.5
Prerequisite: Painting I
The primary focus of Painting II is learning to paint with oils while building on the color
and design theory and the techniques learned in Painting I. The student will expand his
understanding and appreciation of art by experiencing and producing works of art that
fulfill the criteria for expressionism and as social instrument. Works of historical
significance will be used to support instruction. They will be experienced, reflected
upon and criticized.

617 Graphic Design
Credit: 0.5
This half credit studio art elective gives the student a glimpse into the world of
commercial art. Designing a CD cover, menu, book illustration or new super-hero is a
sampling of potential “jobs” that the student may be assigned in this course. He will
learn to work through projects, from brainstorming to creating production worthy pieces
of art, in an organized and professional manner while experimenting with a variety of
techniques including computer graphics.

619 Sculpture
Credit: 0.5
This studio elective prepares students to create three-dimensional works of art, both low
relief and “in the round.” The student will create small-scale works of art and learn the
basic techniques of sculpting, hand-building, mold-making and casting. The student will
have the opportunity to work in a variety of materials including clay.

627 Animation
Credit: 0.5
Prerequisite: Drawing I & II
The student will learn about various types of animation, the history of animation, and
mainstream and independent animators. They will further learn how to create simple
animation both through freehand drawing and use of computers. Ideally, students will
also create simple stop action animation. In the larger context, students will learn to
write a story, develop characters, create storyboards, design a set and use sound. The
elements an principles of design will be emphasized in a search for good composition
and interesting visual imagery.

637 Art Studio
Credit: 0.5
Prerequisite: Art teacher recommendation
Class designation for any variation of the above. Used for advanced students preparing portfolios for entrance into undergraduate art programs or for survey courses as an introduction to the arts.

Performing Arts

705 Freshmen Chorus
Credit: .25
This course explores music through the medium of the human voice as well as the exploration of basic music theory.

713 Music Technology I
Credit: .5
Music Technology I is an introductory course in the principles of audio and sound recording. Topics include: sound waves, acoustics and the audio spectrum, console and signal flow, equalization and compression, microphones and their placement, effects, digital audio formats, and MIDI basic concepts. Emphasis is placed upon advancing students’ digital literacy and technical abilities through collaborative projects that challenge students to “think different”. It is our goal to increase opportunities beyond the world of traditional music education and strict performance, to a world of career opportunities that exist in the 21st Century job market: Film scoring, commercial advertising, media production, acoustic engineering, TV/Radio production, e-media/web production, electronic systems design, music composing, and arranging.

714 Music Technology II
Credit: .5
Prerequisite: Music Technology I
This is a continuation of Music Technology I and requires approval from the music department.

715 Music History and Theory
Credit: 1
Music shapes the world we live in, but the forms and types of music have been vastly
shaped by the technology and intellectual stimulus of the times. This course explores
the historical contexts and styles of music from the Middle Ages through the present.
Students will explore how music is formed and shaped from chant to polyphony as well
as the basics of ear training, harmonic structure and orchestration.

735 Chorus
Credit: 1
This course will help the student to explore music through the medium of the human
voice. If the student is not yet and avid vocalist, this course will set him firmly on the
path to becoming one. For more advanced students, this course will refine some
present concepts and explore new ideas. A cappella singing (singing without
accompaniment) will be the preferred performance and instructional style; although we
will sing some pieces that have accompaniment. In addition to vocal training, basic
music theory will be explored.

737/739 Jazz Band
Credit: 1
Prerequisite: Audition
This course is open to students who have at least two years of experience on their
instrument. Interview with director and audition are required. The repertoire consists of,
but is not limited to, advanced jazz styles, swing, bosa nova, pop and rock.

745 Marching/Concert Band
Credit: 1
This course is open to all students, grades 9 through 12. Students must have a
minimum of one year experience on their instrument. The band performs at all home
football games during the first semester and also performs in all concerts. Marching
band members are expected to participate in the concert band during the second