Benedictine believes that no young man who has the tenacity to better themselves through education should be denied that opportunity because of money.

Benedictine provides…

  • opportunities for boys to grow into men.

  • a nurturing, family atmosphere where all young men are counted on to develop into proud “Men of Benedictine” working to the best of their ability becoming pillars of their communities.

  • opportunities for young men to grow closer to God though the sacraments and through reflections of real life experiences.

  • an aggressive college prep curriculum preparing young men for outstanding opportunities years beyond their high school career has ended.

  • many opportunities to challenge young men physically and to enjoy the camaraderie of teammates in a rich history of athletic success.

  • a real life experience in one of the most diverse environments of any school in Northeast Ohio.

Any gifts or donations of support through our Annual Fund, Gala and special events, capital projects, or our endowment, are in support of our “Men of Benedictine” through our daily work, scholarships, tuition assistance, and programs or campus improvements.

Your support is both needed and greatly appreciated. Our prayers and thanks to all who support our mission of continuing Benedictine’s great tradition in Cleveland.

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