Incoming Students

Concerned About the Transition to Benedictine High School?

Students sometimes are concerned or anxious about the transition to high school.  The most common concerns are:

  • Having time to get everything done
  • Meeting new friends
  • Being able to adjust to having many teachers
  • Getting lost, finding the room for each teacher and getting to class on time
  • Having stricter teachers
  • Being the youngest student in the new school after being the oldest in the previous school
  • Adjusting to being around so many students
  • Knowing how to act and what to do in high school
  • Having difficulty talking to other students
  • Feeling you might be pressured to do something you do not believe is right
  • Having too much work
  • Balancing sports or extra-curricular activities and homework

The solution?  Ask questions of your family, friends, teachers or counselor.  Just as with any change, you can expect the days at Benedictine to be different than they were at your former school.  In a few weeks you will have adjusted to the school differences and feel comfortable here.

It is important to be organized and to write things down, especially homework assignments.  Never be afraid to ask for help.

It is an exciting opportunity to meet many new people from other schools.  Take advantage of this time to learn about different traditions, clubs and events.

The teachers here don’t know you yet so, if making a new start is a goal of yours, this is the perfect chance to begin!

Please call the Counseling Department with any questions or concerns

216-421-2080 x333