Learning Commons

Learning Commons – Library & Writing Center

The Benedictine High School Learning Commons contains our Library and Writing Center, as well as collaboration space for group projects.

  • Library: The BHS Library contains books and audiovisual materials on a variety of topics. Students are permitted to check out items for up to three weeks (one week plus two renewals). The collection contains books that students can use for researching papers, as well as a large fiction collection for students who enjoy reading outside of class. The Library also contains a DVD collection of educational films and popular movies. The Library includes both classics and recently published books, with new material added each year.
  • Research Opportunities: The Library contains secondary and college-level books for students to use for research projects. We subscribe to multiple research databases through INFOhio and Gale that allow students to find full-text articles, ebooks, and educational videos. For more, see the BHS Learning Commons blog, which features a full list of databases and websites organized by subject.
  • Writing Center: The Learning Commons also contains the Writing Center, which allows students to make an appointment to visit during the school day, during study hall, or after school, to work one-on-one with a teacher on their writing assignments. Writing assignments do not need to be only for school, but can include college essays, scholarship applications, presentations, etc. Students can visit the Center during any point in the writing process and receive help organizing, writing, and editing projects, or learning correct paraphrasing and citation techniques.
  • Collaboration Space: Students working on group projects or who need meeting space can reserve a table in the Learning Commons.

Learning Commons Rules and Policies

  1. Students visiting the Learning Commons must sign in using the Learning Commons sign in sheet. Students arriving at the Learning Commons from another class or from study hall must have a signed pass from their teacher.
  2. No food or drink permitted.
  3. Do not move the tables and chairs.
  4. Be respectful of books, furniture, and electronics.
  5. No unauthorized electronic devices. This includes cell phones, headphones, earbuds, speakers, tablets, etc.
  6. No extension cords. This is a violation of the City of Cleveland fire code. The Learning Commons does have surge protectors that you can use if you need to charge your laptop.
  7. Speakers should be on silent while working in the Learning Commons, unless you have permission from the Learning Commons Director to complete a specific task.
  8. No playing games, watching videos, or napping.
  9. The Learning Commons is a space where students can seek help with research and writing, work on assignments, and study. Be respectful of other students’ personal space and need for quiet. Disruptions will not be tolerated. Continued violations of this policy will result in detentions, suspensions from the Learning Commons, or a permanent ban from using the Learning Commons.
  10. Circulation Policies: Items can be checked out for up to three weeks (one week plus two renewals), and renewals are permitted. Students can check out a maximum of ten (10) items at a time. Fines will be charged for overdue ($.05/day with a maximum of $5.00 per item), damaged, and missing books (replacement cost). If students have fines or overdue/missing items on their account, they will not be permitted to check out additional items. Outstanding fines and/or missing items will result in charges being placed on a student’s account with the Business Office.
  11. Rules and policies can change without notice at the discretion of the Learning Commons Director and Benedictine High School administration.

Important Links:

BHS Library Catalog (click on “INFOhio CAT”)

INFOhio Research Databases (Grades 9-12)

INFOhio ISearch (allows you to search multiple INFOhio databases as well as the BHS Library Catalog)

BHS Learning Commons Blog

Any questions? Please contact:

Dr. Elizabeth Salem
Learning Commons Director
(216) 421-2080 ext. 544