Outright Gifts


Gifts of Cash
Cash contributions are tax deductible, available for immediate use and may be designated to an area of your choosing.

Real Estate or Personal Property
Gifts of property (land, antiques, artworks, etc.) or appreciated real estate can potentially offer significant tax benefits to the donor, particularly if returns from the property are modest compared to the capital gains tax that would be levied if the property were sold.

Gifts of securities may offer significant tax benefits to a donor. For example, contributions of appreciated securities held for over a year are generally deductible at market value, regardless of what the donor paid for them; moreover, the capital gains tax is avoided through such gift. For directions on how to donate securities, please contact Terri Wysocki at ext. 339 or wysocki@cbhs.edu.

Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance is a good way to make a significant contribution and realize tax benefits. You may donate a policy you currently hold by transferring the policy and naming Benedictine as the owner and beneficiary, or purchase a new policy and name Benedictine as the owner and beneficiary. Premiums due on this policy may take the form of an annual gift and be considered tax deductible.

Matching Gifts
Many employers will match gifts made by employees, retirees or their families. Specific forms may be obtained from the employer’s human resource department.

Gifts in Kind
Gifts In-Kind are goods or services whose value cannot necessarily be calculated in dollars, but provide additional benefit to the school.

Gifts made in the memory of a loved one or in honor of one’s birthday, anniversary or other special occasion help to provide a quality education for a deserving young student.