Service Hours at BHS

Champions in Service!

Champions in Service ~ Check out Matthew Slaughter’s Senior Presentation (Class of 2017)

Benedictine students are called to examine the significance of service to others and community and the responsibility of integrating this important element of Christianity into their lives.

Here is our Benedictine Service Hour Log Form

The Benedictine service requirement consists of the following:

  • 10 hours of service per year combined with an integrated study and analysis of the social teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • Students who transfer in after the sophomore year must discuss the fulfillment of this component with our Service Coordinator, Mr. Tom Gallagher.

Students are responsible for creating and implementing their own service project(s) for this component. The combined total requirement for graduation is, therefore, 40 hours of service.

Basic requirements for service to be acceptable include the following:

    1. Projects must occur outside the home and are not to be confused with expected family duty.
    2. A project from which there is remuneration either individually or communally is not acceptable (e.g. a student cannot be paid for the service; a student cannot use club or organization time where funds are raised for that organization, etc.)