Did you know?

The State of Ohio is one of 18 states with a tax-credit scholarship program? Taxpayers can receive dollar-for-dollar non refundable tax credits up to $750 for single filers and $1,500 for joint filers for donations to SGOs. The state of Ohio allows you to “spend” some of the state income taxes you must pay anyway to provide tuition assistance for students seeking a Benedictine education! When accessing the link via the Catholic Community Foundation’s website, please be sure to select “Benedictine High School” in the dropdown!

There are 3 easy steps!

1.) Estimate your State of Ohio Tax Liability for 2022.

2.) Submit your donation to the Angel Scholarship Fund via the Catholic Community Foundation (link below), and designate Benedictine High School as your school of choice.

3.) Claim your tax credit on your 2022 Ohio tax form with the tax credit receipt that will be mailed to you.