A Present and Future Community of Faith

The Centennial Campaign is a five year strategic campaign developed under the leadership of Abbot Gary Hoover ’74, The Board of Trustees, and the Benedictine Order of Cleveland. The Benedictine Order of Cleveland and Benedictine High School have outlined a 4.5 million dollar campaign which will create a new entrance and atrium to the school, a new central courtyard, updates to the science facilities and cafeteria, and renovating the St. Andrew Abbey roof and enhancing the ability to provide healthcare to the Monks of the Abbey. 

The Rufus Courtyard

 We broke ground on The Rufus Courtyard on October 28th, 2020. This greening and physical unification of the Campus will create a welcoming, college-like campus atmosphere with the addition of a quad. The new green space will not only extend the natural beauty of the 1954 Marian Grotto, but will also provide an opportunity for greater appreciation and experience of the Benedictine concept of stewardship of nature as God’s gift. Students, alumni, families, monks, and visitors will be encouraged to interact in a natural setting outside the building’s walls.  

The Howley Science Wing

On March 30th, 2021, we announced a $2 Million dollar commitment from The Howley Family Foundation. Part of that commitment will go to the Centennial Campaign, specifically to the science facilities at Benedictine. Upon completion, the science facilities will be renamed The Howley Science Wing. 

For questions or additional information about the Centennial Campaign, please contact Mr. Chris Lorber `04, VP of Advancement, at 216-421-2080 ext. 246 or lo****@cb**.edu.