There is a significance to the number 50 this year. As we know, Coach Bossu spent over 50 years coaching, leading, and teaching at Benedictine High School. The number 50 is now retired at Benedictine in honor of his service to us, the Men of Benedictine. 

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the school’s first Play-off State Football State Championship, a 38-13 victory over Ironton. Since its beginning in 1927, Benedictine has made us all better and has made a significant impact on our lives.

Benedictine football today is still providing young men these same opportunities and lessons – Hard working, tough nosed kids, who make everyone around them better; Giving of themselves to be the best and to make everyone around them better.  We realize how important the role and impact that our coaches and teammates played in our lives – both on and off the field. Throughout our lives we have relied on our football training to achieve and succeed. We have used our athletic background to overcome and move forward.  We not only learned to enjoy the outcome, but embrace the process.

Please, help today’s Benedictine Football student-athletes experience the same opportunity for growth that we did. 

We have established, this year only, a roster number sponsorship program. Roster numbers can be sponsored for $50.00. Sponsor your number, a teammate’s number, a relative, a friend. The purpose of this sponsorship is to raise money to help provide the Benedictine Football program with the means to provide practice apparel, practice equipment, weight room equipment, audio/visual equipment, and other needs that arise.

All number sponsors and the donors will be recognized in the annual Bengal’s Roar Sports Program. More importantly, you will be helping the next generation of Benedictine football student-athletes experience the growth, comradery, spirit, and determination that we have come to expect in the Benedictine football tradition.